ValuTeachers helps educators and other school employees with their retirement needs, but being a ValuTeachers associate is a fantastic opportunity for someone like you. 

We offer all the training, support, and tools you will need to succeed. And since we work inside the school systems, you don't have to worry about finding clients. We need retirement consultants in schools near you, so you can kick off your business sooner rather than later.

     Join Valuteachers and start out part-time and go full-time when you are ready. Earn the income you deserve, all while helping your fellow teachers with their retirement needs.*VT%20Mission%20Post*jpeg?alt=media&token=7c530aab-599c-468b-9b5b-694b7d70b6ee

The core mission of ValuTeachers is to help educators and school employees retire with financial dignity and to help have more secure income at retirement!

ValuTeachers supports and values all school employees. Our representatives are trained as retirement specialists and believe that working, teaching and inspiring builds tomorrow’s leaders. Consequently, after completing a difficult and dedicated career, a sound retirement should be a reward for all school employees. ValuTeachers believes Knowledge is Power. First and foremost, we educate all school employees about their State Teacher Retirement System (STRS) benefits. ValuTeachers helps thousands of clients yearly start a retirement supplement through a 403(b), 457, and/or a Roth IRA.

ValuTeachers educates our clients and protects our clients’ money by putting safety first every time. Not one client has ever lost a penny due to market fluctuations!*2224B775-8A19-4453-85E0-DC70B04858A6*webp?alt=media&token=0f8f1501-b765-4891-8515-4f96f3253811

Today, the average retired teacher has less than $1,800 per month to take home from their teacher retirement system after STRS reductions, taxes, health insurance premiums, and other necessary options are deducted. This is an American travesty! According to a USA Today opinion poll: 78% of retirees polled “wished they had planned better for retirement,” 42% “wished they had saved more money,” and 37% “wished they had opened an IRA or contributed to a 403(b).” Retirement Supplements for school employees were established by the IRS in 1958, and after 50+ years, only 25% are saving for their future.

No one can live with dignity on a take home retirement income of $1,800 per month! ValuTeachers is committed to the crusade of helping teachers improve their bottom line at retirement.*7A5D7C34-6EE7-4712-B85A-0FF9242E9F99*webp?alt=media&token=b09fb393-1321-4936-9aea-93c770bf14c5

Most people today dream of two things: to be financially secure and to have a career or business they love.

These two dreams can be achieved together or independently, yet many people today find themselves financially overextended and stuck in a job they hate. ValuTeachers provides an opportunity to build a company within a company and achieve financial independence...especially to former educators and some financial services professionals.

At ValuTeachers, we offer the opportunity to make your dreams come true. You have the opportunity to go into business for yourself, without all the risks of going at it alone. We offer people the chance to attain those seemingly “impossible” dreams of owning their own business and taking control of their financial destiny. But, the most valuable benefit from a ValuTeachers business is “Freedom” to be your own boss, work your own schedule, and prioritize your quality of life.